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12 Reasons for coming to enjoy club membership in the Inland Empire BMW Club of America in 2014. 
See our website calendar for the dates.

One – Our membership meetings at Camp BMW are FANTASTIC.  “Same old people sitting across the same old table, blabbing about the same old things,” you say?  No, no, no!  If you haven’t joined us yet, here’s what you’ve missed:

  • Pot luck dinners

  • Cool videos of BMWs and BMW people in action.  Funny?  How can you watch Madonna being thrown around mercilessly in the back of a speeding M5 trying to hold onto a cup of coffee and not laugh?

  • BMW history presented through photos and technical information of its cars beginning with the 315/1.  We’re up to the 3200 CS.

  • Reports from our members on outstanding Roundel articles

  • Stories about members’ BMWs and how they obtained or lost them.

  • The “Stump the Chump” competition, where we vie to guess the function of obscure BMW parts, overseen by our own independent BMW mechanic.

Two – FASTKART.  Are you a budding Formula 1 Driver?  Aren’t we all?  Match your wits against other club members at our January FastKart competition as you race mini-F1 cars around a track, rubbing wheels and taking the inside against your neighbor.

Three – Our Winter Banquet at Das Steinhaus in Spokane.  Free camaraderie, free laughs.  Food?  Did we mention the Club kicks in for this one?

Four – March’s Spring Fever Drive!  Yes, our own Steve Harris will have a difficult time bettering last year’s March drive.  The line of cars was so long we had to use two cameras!

Five – Street Survival Teen Driving Course in Coeur d’Alene. 










Six – Eats and Greets at our Burgers and Bimmers event at 5 Guys Burgers.  Did I mention the most thrilling spontaneous 20-mile drive taken by some of our Bimmers after the Burgers last year?

Seven – Tech Session at Camp BMW.  A visit from Dinan heavies?  Yes, and then some!  How about driving a decked-out Dinan 5-series.  Can you say, “I want?”

Eight – River Dance Drive.  The foxtrot of your life as we meander, I mean “DRIVE … “spiritedly” – yeah, that’s it-- along and between Inland northwest waterways.  Ferry ride?  Yep, that too!

Nine – Classic Sports Sunday?  Oh, yes!  Bring your BMW to a show of all shows in Coeur d’Alene.  The best of German marques, as well as some Brit and Italian flair, all on display to the “oohs and ahhs” of spectators along the shores of Lake Coeur d’Alene.

Ten – Show and Shine at Camp BMW.  Food, fun, and SHINY BMWs.  Get out your detailing cloths!




Eleven – The Odessa German DEUTSCHESFEST car show.  Follow our long train of BMWs to Odessa to take in the fun.  Doesn’t everybody come to see the BMWs?

Twelve – The Capstone!  The High Performance Driving School at Spokane County Raceway. 

Let’s make each Club drive and event something special to remember in 2014.  Stay tuned to our Event Calendar and Facebook page for all the latest information on the best BMW driving season in years!

Not a member?  Join us!  Fill out an application at    --Tom Sparks


If you love your BMW or MINI, show it to the world! Your car will be featured in the online Member Cars section of our new Photo Gallery. We need content! However, we would appreciate it if the following would be adhered to:

+ Only ONE picture per car. Choose your best!

+ Please keep the image size below 500KB.

+ Please include your name and any information about the car you'd like noted.

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